Personalized Birthday Gifts

Birthday Gifts and Photo Gift Ideas
If you're looking for creative ideas for birthday gifts that will be unexpected but appreciated, consider photo gifts. One of the most simple personalized b-day gifts is the photo collage. You can use photos of children, grandchildren and/or other family members, as well as pets, vacations, holidays, special moments or anything else that strikes your fancy.
You can create your own collage simply by purchasing a frame that holds multiple photos from most any general merchandise or house wares store.
If you don’t have the time to cut and paste and arrange your photos go online and order a birthday collage through a website
The advantage of doing it this way is you can preview collage online and you can still make decisions about any changes, style and arrangement.
You can order your collage as custom pop art, poster, canvas print or with framed decorative borders.

Photo collage Samples

These examples can give you an idea of what your photo collage might look like on wall canvas
Birthday Photo collage ideas and gifts for Girlfriend, Boyfriend,Wife, Husband, Father, Mother, Sister, Brother
more collage samples

Birthday Photo Gift Ideas

Personalized Gifts

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