Wedding Photo Collage

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Wedding Photo Collage Ideas

As much as you love your wedding photos, you probably shouldn't try to squeeze every one of them into your wedding photo collage. How to design your bridal day pictures? For a nice clean and elegant marriage collage, select no more than 20 - 30 images, add mood to a picture using black and white or background replacement, add text, wishes, quotes to improve composition or aesthetics. Large dimension of a photo collage for wedding will make your images more impactful, but it does not necessarily mean that you can squeeze in more photographs to decorate your wall.
You might print out your artwork using your own computer but you can also order collage wedding on line

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Create online you own wedding anniversary collage, personalized wedding collage frame ideas and gift from your memorable pictures putting together as gift for husband, wife or parents. Create amazing greeting cards, scrapbooks, wedding album and more. You can also make your own wall art
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  1. I would like to gift my parents a photo collage for wedding anniversary. It should be good personal present.

  2. What a perfect anniversary gift for parents and married couple!!

  3. Love it!!
    It is exactly what I was looking for.